Who We Are.

Meditex is an Australian owned and operated company delivering
innovative hygiene solutions to our customers in the way of Digital Sanitiser Stations

Our Why.

Keeping your hands clean is one of the most important things you can do to prevent the spread of diseases, germs and other harmful bacteria. At Meditex, we feel this is our social responsibility.

Behaviours and attitudes towards hygiene are forever changing. Maintaining better hygiene of your hands has become a ‘social norm’ and for most of us it’s embedded into our daily routine. This is what we call ‘hand washing automation’ meaning you don’t need to think about it… you just do it.

Bringing Together Clean Hands and Digital Signage.

It is a proven fact that digital signage is a hugely powerful means of capturing attention and engaging with an audience. This is why so many corporations around the world are moving from traditional static advertising to high-tech digital screens.

The Meditex Digital Sanitiser Stations combine the dynamic benefits of digital signage with hand sanitisation to provide a whole new dimension in innovative hygiene solutions.

Attract Attention

Grab more attention compared to traditional static media.

Support Better
Hygiene Practices

Taking responsibility to reduce the spread of disease germs and other harmful bacteria

Connect With Your
Target Audience

Focused content for your target audience


Conserve water, refillable bladders and organic options available

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